When you interview amazing people, amazing things happen.

Written on
March 24, 2018
Peter Hostrawser

Back in 2015, our team of business teachers had a group of three students who were very different from anything we saw before.  These three individuals who were seniors were amazingly focused on what they were learning in our business classes.  They had a maturity within them that set them apart from other students their age. These students “got it” when it came to school and learning.  They knew that a test score or a grade didn’t define them. They were in it to learn more and gain knowledge. They didn’t fear much of anything in a classroom environment.  They would ask questions without hesitation. They asked to meet with our staff and talk business during their lunch and off periods. When they were completing projects in our classes, they did not look around and wait for someone else to do it, they jumped in and made things happen.  Eventually at the end of that school year, our high school business department had the opportunity to present for the incoming CMO of Hyatt Hotels. All three of these individuals were there to work on that presentation. They came in to school on a Saturday and Sunday before the presentation in Chicago and worked on their presentations.  They were… and still are very driven individuals.

Jump to 2018… I am shooting video interviews, doing speaking engagements, and blogging about Disrupt Education.  Through social media, one of those students I previously spoke of told me I needed to interview an individual who commented on one of my posts.

There was no explanation, just a “YOU NEED TO INTERVIEW THIS PERSON!” No questions asked, I reached out and set up the interview.

This person was Cody Cotton of A greater Good Foundation.  Cody asked if he could bring two other individuals to this interview to speak about the foundation and education topics. Of course the answer was yes. The interview time came and I met three of the founders of A Greater Good Foundation. Their names are Cody Cotton, Chuck Carter, and Anthony Garland.  The interview was a great one. You can see it HERE.

The three founders spoke of their work in changing the mindsets of young individuals to become leaders in this world.  You could tell all three worked well together and were on a mission to help others. Cody, Chuck and Anthony were taking risks and trying new things constantly while mentoring these youth.  They are very transparent and lighthearted even though what they are doing is very demanding and is very hard work.

After the interview happened and we exchanged contact information I thought about the student from 2015 who connected me with Cody, Chuck and Anthony.  It struck me how similar these students were to these three entrepreneurs I just interviewed.

That’s when in conversation with the student who connected me with these founders told me something amazing.

He told me that Cody, Chuck, and Anthony were their mentors before their senior year in 2015. I lost my breath for a moment. My previous student didn’t have to say any more. I don’t need to take anyone’s word for it that A Greater Good Foundation and Cody, Chuck, and Anthony is tremendous gift to individuals.  I have seen it with my three students who are now grown men who were (and still are) mentored by Cody, Chuck and Anthony. I know this foundation is special. I can say that A Greater Good Foundation WILL change lives for the better. It WILL make better human beings out of all who are involved. It WILL make a difference.

It is another reminder to me that when I have the opportunity to interview amazing people, amazing things happen.  Another way to #disrupteducation

To become involved, donate, or learn more about A Greater Good Foundation, go to www.agreatergoodfoundation.org

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