Business Teacher | Career Coach | Curriculum Designer

Daniel Bevan
Owner of DB Designs
Peter's greatest skill is listening. He's more interested in solving problems than "being right". That makes him a valuable career coach, mentor, and presenter.
Nick Mugnaini
College Student
Peter has helped me do things that I never thought I would come close to doing at this age and part of my life!
Derrick Griffin
Account Executive at Tribune Publishing
Peter works diligently to express the value of taking action. He will challenge you to stretch beyond your mental reach in the present moment that will soon open up new doors of opportunity.
Andrew Kaczkowski
Financial Advisor at WestPoint Financial Group
Peter helps kids connect with their “why” and put their thoughts and words into action.  His positive support empowers kids to believe in themselves so they can take great risks and learn that failure is okay… as long as they pick themselves up, learn from it and try again.
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