What does a driven teacher do all day?

Written on
January 16, 2018
Peter Hostrawser

I recently read an article in Edvocate about the work schedule of a college president titled “What Does a College President Do All Day?”. The article articulated the daily routine and responsibilities of a typical college president. It is a great article written by Matthew Lynch.  The same day this article was published (January 11, 2018), I was working on an Instagram story reviewing at my own daily routine as The OPRF School of Business department head and teacher at Oak Park and River Forest High School.  (Watch My Story Here or scroll down) So I documented a day in my life as a teacher.  Here’s what the schedule looked like…

5:00 AM Wake Up, Walk the Dog, Grab Coffee, Exercise, Shower, Make Breakfast Shake

6:00 AM Drive to school​

6:25 AM Arrive at school, Read Emails, Check Days Schedule, Grade

6:40 AM Meeting with Local Business Owner

7:00 AM Meeting with Huskie Community Network Student Group

7:45 AM Stop at Office and Check Emails

8:00 AM Period 1, Teach Student Helpdesk Internship Course

8:50 AM Period 2, Student Meeting regarding Employment Opportunities, Grading

9:50 AM Period 3, Teach Computer Applications Honors Course

10:45 AM Period 4, Lunch in My Office, Grading, Meeting with Student on Curriculum Projects

11:35 AM Period 5, Teach Computer Applications Course

12:30 PM Period 6, Teach Small Business Management Course

1:25 PM Period 7, Student Meeting on Networking Projects

1:45 PM Grading, Professional Reading

2:15 PM Period 8, Teach Computer Applications Course

3:05 PM Meet with Entrepreneur Student Group

4:05 PM Coffee Meeting with Tech Business Owner

5:00 PM Prepare Networking Community Meeting with Student Group

6:00 PM Host Huskie Community Network Project Program

8:00 PM Check Email, Set Next Day Up for Teaching

8:20 PM Travel Home, Listen to Podcasts

8:50 PM Home, Professional Reading and Writing

9:30 PM Disrupt Education Blogging, Social Media Updates, Networking Emails

11:00 PM End of Day

What does a driven high school teacher do on a daily basis?  Drive students to do their best while facilitating their learning even before and after the school day begins and ends.

Peter Hostrawser
Creator of Disrupt Education
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