The work is not glamorous.

Written on
July 17, 2020
Peter Hostrawser

I am not a “go to the gym” type of guy.  I do better working out on my own with my weight bench and free weights.  When schools closed in March 2020, I was scrambling as an educator to put together online lessons and interactions for my students to finish the year as strong as they could during this sudden change.

I let my fitness and eating go.  

I gained a few pounds and started some not so good eating habits.  I’m not sure when it was exactly, but I made the decision to start my fitness program up again.  I started my daily and weekly routines sometime in late April.  

Everyday I made myself go down in the basement and work out.  As a person who loves micro brews, I made myself pact that in order to have a beer, I would have to workout.  It was my own little personal motivation.  Yes, I know it sounds funny, but it worked for me.  And I continue to enjoy great micro brews a few times a week.    

I was working out this morning in my basement and was on my bench resting and  noticed the ceiling of the basement.  It is an unfinished basement.  There isn’t much to look at.  A sewer line, water line and a stray cord was in view.  All of this is bordered by raw wood holding up my home.  This is my view while working out.

It made me think about how putting in the work is not glamorous.  My view of that ceiling was a reminder that grinding is sometimes thankless.  I am staring at the sewer line while working out. 

Two important lessons came from this realization.  

Number 1 - Find something or someone who will keep you accountable to doing the work.

Number 2 - Realize the work is hard, dirty, and thankless in the short term.

I am happy to say I have been at it for about three months now and I feel the best I ever have.  Put in the work.  Hold yourself accountable.  Over time, it will pay off.  

Peter Hostrawser
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