Stop teaching your kids Monday sucks.

Written on
November 5, 2017
Peter Hostrawser

It was Sunday morning and my 9 year old daughter had a friend sleepover the previous night. As they came downstairs to eat some breakfast, they were talking about how Monday’s are terrible and they are glad that today was Sunday. That got me thinking. What the hell is so bad about Mondays?  How did my daughter get the idea?

I see it every Monday in schools across the nation. Students “hate” Mondays. Why? It’s just another day in our extremely lucky lives we have. Aren’t we blessed to have another day? The answer is yes. Here’s why Mondays suck for so many. They are taught to not like it. When teachers come in and say Monday sucks the students learn to say Mondays suck. When our parents hate Mondays, our kids hate Mondays. That is bullshit. Stop it.

Hating Monday is a mindset.

Think about it. Why do you hate Monday? It is a day like any other. The sun comes up and sets like all days. We are just as alive on Mondays as we are on Fridays. Here is why you hate Mondays. Hating Monday is just letting everyone know around you that your life sucks and you are not trying hard enough to change yourself and others for the better. You are saying you are lazy. Honestly, nobody cares about your Monday or any day. If you change your mindset to realize the opportunity any day brings, no matter what day it is, you win. If you look into the odds of you being in the great situation you are in with a roof over your head, food in your belly, and people around you who support you, Monday is great. It is freaking great! Mondays are outstanding!

Instead of complaining about Mondays in front of the youth around you, teach them that there is opportunity in every single day you are alive. Mondays included. Teach them to look for positives every damn day. Stop the status quo of Monday sucking. It is you who sucks if you continue to bring down any day in your life that is a gift.


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