Secondary Education Led By Curiosity

Written on
June 27, 2020
Leon Zguri

With hundreds of billions of dollars being spent on education in the United States, taxpayers and everyone involved should rest assured that their money is not wasted. A lot of resources are to be had, and those resources should be put to good use. Instead of forcing diverse groups of people into a mish-mashed gauntlet of useless and unfulfilling courses, students should have the power to control their own education. It’s supposed to be a service for them, not for factory owners during the industrial revolution. Students will make investments using money given to them by taxpayers. Curiosity and interest will lead the way in every child’s education. 

Students will be put in classes with other students who share the same interests. If similar interests are not shared, those students will be put in a class with students who have uncommon interests. The job of the teacher will be to provide the conditions that will be beneficial to learning. Teachers who specialize in a certain subject will teach the students who have displayed a vested interest in that topic. All staff members should be involved in the learning process, including principals, guidance counselors, janitors, and receptionists. 

A teacher’s job will also include networking with professionals who can help their students. Serving the students will be their top priority. All teachers have to provide guidance to their students. 

Students who show enthusiasm towards learning can have the option to study at home, only if they can be provided with the necessary resources. This can help solve overcrowding in schools. Teachers can still provide guidance virtually. 

Guidance includes: 
- Advice
- Reference to a professional
- Job offers 

If a student wants to move, that student can take a walk around the school premises to think things through, or that student can leave the school. 

The curriculum, as it is now, will be done away with. A plan of action will be determined through one on one conversations with the teachers and students. The school year can be extended or shortened based on the student’s individual goals. 

If things take a while to get started, so be it. Learning is not a race. A student can spend as much time as he/she needs. 

Teachers should explain the idea of conformity in school. Some conformity is needed so society can function properly, but too much of it creates a dependent and uninspired populace. 

Teachers should encourage real world experiences and discoveries. If a student wants to work, let them work during the school day. A teacher should try to be friendly and open minded, so then a student will want to have a chat with them. 

A student should be given time to ponder their goals and figure out what the meaning of their life is. If a student demonstrates exceptional skill at a certain task, he/she should be able to enter the work world with their skills. 

Any in class conversation that is concluded prematurely, can be continued online. 

College or trade school preparedness will not be the goal of this plan. The goal will be to prepare young people for the real world. 

This plan will work best during middle school and high school. By this time students should receive a thorough general education. 

A student can choose to completely disregard the physical building of school. If a student wishes to do that, teachers should be available to provide advice, wisdom, offers, or knowledge. 

The overall aim of this plan is to allow students to be free to learn whatever they desire and rekindle that natural thirst for stimulation and discovery. Students will learn to trust themselves in their pursuits. Students will understand that they know what is right for them, and they will understand that they shouldn’t depend on authority to tell them exactly what to do. Their hearts and minds will be their guides. The world needs more creative thinkers and less, bland automatons. 

Guest Blog By:

Leon Zguri

Glenbard East High School

Class of 2021

Leon Zguri
Guest Blogger
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