Pre-AI and Post-AI Education: Embracing Self-Directed Learning

Written on
May 4, 2023
Peter Hostrawser

I believe that we are on the brink of a new era in education. Just as the internet transformed the way we learn and communicate, AI is poised to have a similar impact on the way we acquire knowledge and skills.With AI, learners will have access to a vast array of resources and tools that will enable them to pursue their interests and passions in ways that were previously unimaginable.

No longer will they be limited by the constraints of traditional classroom settings or the schedules of teachers and instructors.As educators, our role is shifting from being a teacher to a mentor, coach, and accountability partner in learning. We must help students understand how to use AI platforms to enable self-directed learning and guide them on how to use these tools effectively.In this new era of education, the power is all in the hands of the learner. They will be able to ask AI platforms how to learn something and when they want to.

The challenge for educators is to help learners understand the inputs and how to use the AI platforms to enable this type of learning.Ultimately, the success of this new approach to education will depend on whether learners are curious or not. Curiosity will drive self-directed learning and enable learners to explore their passions and interests in ways that were previously impossible.As educators, our focus is now on helping learners develop their curiosity and passion for learning.

We will need to encourage them to pursue their interests and provide them with the guidance and support they need to succeed.The outcomes of this learning will not be measured in grades and test scores. Instead, they will be reflected in shared experiences, digital portfolios, presentations, internships, and work produced.

The world was divided into pre-internet and post-internet, and now we are entering the era of pre-AI and post-AI education. Let's embrace this new era of education and help our students become lifelong learners who are curious, passionate, and self-directed.

Peter Hostrawser
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