My student teaching observation - the day hell on earth happened.

Written on
September 11, 2018
Peter Hostrawser

It was 17 years ago today I was being observed by my college professor at Mishawaka High School in Mishawaka, Indiana as a student teacher.  I was in a computer class and we were just getting started.  I met my college professor at the door and guided her in to sit and observe the class.  As class begin, I gave the students the learning targets and they started in their work on their Excel spreadsheet lessons.  It was a smaller class of 19 students or so.  Everything was going well.  I had already gained a great repore with the students. The mood was light in the classroom as the bell rang.  A knock came on the door.  A science teacher poked his head in and said to turn on the TV that was usually used for morning announcements.  

As the screen turned on, the image of a smoldering World Trade Center appeared.  I watched both the TV and the students reactions within the classroom.  I forgot my college professor was even in the room.  There was confusion and panic on the TV.  My class was staring intently at the screen.  Then the unimaginable happened.  As the live view was showing the towers, a second plane flew right into the south tower.  I remember thinking how are these young students going to react.  I remember looking at each of my students faces as the scenes were unfolding on the TV.  There were uneasy smiles, confusion, surprised, and shocked looks on faces in the classroom.  No two kids seemed to react the same to the events unfolding.  I knew that day would be burned into each of these young people's lives.  None of us, including myself, could imagine how the world was changing right in front of our eyes.  

I still have the report my college professor wrote from here observation that day.  It reads “Peter Hostrawser and the class was interrupted by the events happening in New York City.”  It is a day that I will never forget.   I will remember.

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