My Son Got Accepted Into The Best School Ever!

Written on
December 4, 2021
Peter Hostrawser

My son just got accepted into the greatest school ever!


He got a job at Micro Center that he applied for on his own. I encouraged him through the process, and I didn't hold his hand or take him to the interview... that was up to him. He had to do that part himself. I won't lie. As a parent, it is difficult to let go and watch your kid make moves... good and bad ones. The most important part of the process was self-evaluation.

I couldn't be prouder of him. He had a little bounce to his step when he came back from the interview. I gave him a hug and told him how proud I am of him for taking the initiative and applying. He still wasn't quite sure he got the job yet. I was confused and a little annoyed he hadn't asked certain questions at the end of the interview to solidify his employment future.

My son told me the boss let him know to call him after school on the following Friday. He did and my son was instructed to go get a drug test. We went to the drug test place early on Saturday morning and finished. He called the employer back and was told that pending on the drug test, he will be employed. My son smiled so big. He did it.

He got accepted into the greatest school ever!

A major part of his application was his spikeview profile link he added to it. Understanding his strengths and being self aware of who he is and where his interests are at the age of 16 is important. We call it self awareness! Finding a platform for him to do that like spikeview was an integral part of my son building confidence and getting the position... even if he didn't interview the best.

He is going to learn so much.

Things like:

☑ Communication
☑ Sales
☑ Collaboration
☑ Creative Problem Solving
☑ Critical Thinking

You know, all the things schools attempt teach you at a very high price.

Only this type of education... he is getting paid to learn.

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