My friend sang on stage last night.

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September 21, 2019
Peter Hostrawser

I love seeing people live out their dreams and passions.  Last evening I got to see that happen to a close friend of mine.  He headlined a show here in Chicago.  The venue was packed with his friends, family and fans.  He was in his element.  The show was spectacular.  

Up until last evening, this friend of mine had long ago been on stage.  He had thousands of fans.  He opened for big names in the music industry.  His story isn’t the stereotypical “rocker made it then blew it all with drugs and money.” His story is much simpler.  Life happened.  He married a beautiful woman, had three beautiful kids and settled into being a great father.  His music was always there, just not a priority anymore.

I knew he couldn’t let his music end there. 

As time went on, his passion of music bubbled up.  He couldn’t just let it go.  It is part of him.  We would often have a cigar and bourbon together and talk about how to work this passion out.  In our conversations, I learned so much more about my friend.  I didn’t know him from before when he was on the big stages.  He never spoke of it in a vain way.  He consistently spoke of how he loved to tell stories with his music.  How he wanted to share those feelings through music with his audience.  

Last night he got the chance to do that.  

The road leading to last night's event was long.  There were a lot of people helping out.  There were a lot of people motivating and supporting him.  There were a lot of hours practicing, writing, and rehearsing.  There were a lot of long days.  And in the end.  The show happened.  It was fantastic.  

Seeing my friend accomplish this goal reminded me of many things in life.  One is to follow your passion and dreams.  Realize that it won’t be easy.  We will doubt ourselves.  There is risk involved and the road will be long. Surround yourself with people who care… I mean really care about helping you reach your goals and dreams.  

In the end, you will headline your own show.  

Peter Hostrawser
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