The Profound Impact of High School Football

Written on
October 28, 2023
Peter Hostrawser

As the rain fell on a chilly evening, our local high school football team faced a devastating loss in the playoffs, bringing back a rush of memories from my own high school days. You see, my father was a football coach at the very school I attended, and he often told me that football was more than just a game. It was a pivotal factor in the growth and maturity of the young players on the team. Last night's loss served as a poignant reminder of his wisdom.

Over my entire life as a child, even today as a high school teacher, I've witnessed even the toughest of players break down in tears after their final game in their senior year. It's an emotional experience because football isn't a sport you can casually pick up again later in life. The pads, the field, the players, coaches, and referees all come together in a unique blend that can't be replicated elsewhere. Football is an immersive experience, and its end marks a transition in life, reminding us that the world isn't always fair.

My personal journey with football came to a halt after my junior year in high school. I decided to switch to tennis for my senior year. I loved tennis, but I've always felt a part of me missing – the feeling of suiting up and hitting the gridiron. As I approach my 51st birthday, I still have dreams about it, and it's a testament to the lasting impact of the game.

Ending a football season is a profound moment for young athletes to grasp. It's not just the end of a season; it's the conclusion of an era. The emotions are real, and the pain is undeniable. To all the young players who are wrapping up their seasons this year, I want to offer some advice: keep your heads up. Hold on to the memories of your time on the field, the camaraderie you built with your teammates, and the life lessons imparted by your coaches.

Maintaining contact with your coaches can be incredibly rewarding. They have likely played a significant role in your development as both an athlete and a person. The pain of saying goodbye to football may linger for a while, but remember that life goes on. It's okay to be upset and feel down, as the prospect of strapping on the pads may never return. It's a natural part of life's ebb and flow.

Remember that football is more than just a game; it's a life experience that has the power to shape character, instill discipline, and foster lifelong friendships. Whether you find yourself on the winning or losing side of a playoff game, football makes you a better person, and the memories created on the field will stay with you forever.

As we bid farewell to another high school football season, let us not forget the enduring impact this game has on the young lives it touches. It's a reminder that, in the grander scheme of things, football is indeed more than just a game.

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