Mentors aren't just for the young.

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January 5, 2018
Peter Hostrawser

As a business teacher at the high school level, I know the value of a mentor for our students.  Mentors add so much to the learning process and support of a young adult.  I have seen mentors help my students become fearless in their passion.  I have seen mentors bring unmotivated students to be driven.  It is amazing what mentors can do.

Mentors should not be limited to young people.  Everyone should have mentors.  I have several people I consider mentors.  One of my friends and mentors is the founder of an app company geared towards helping youth make connections and gain opportunities. He inspires me every conversation we have.  He also is not afraid to tell me the truth about anything.  He is critical and supportive.  That is something to be cherished.  I have learned so much about being a true entrepreneur and funding an idea.  Mentors and friends who have these qualities are few and far between.

Other mentors of mine are actually my previous students.  A few of my students have started making their ideas realities in the forms of blogs, music, YouTube channels and business.  Just the other day, I went to a concert where two of my previous students were performing.  It was outstanding.  They owned the stage and their music was beautiful. They were the ones who created the event and worked it out with the promoters and venue owners.  In my conversations with them prior to the event, I learned a few tips from them.

Another former student of mine owns a website company.  He has taught me so much about social media and interactions via the web.  We actually sat down in the past and he let me have it telling me about why I needed to get on social media.  It was critical.  It was direct.  It was the truth.  Trust me… I listened.

My producer for my YouTube channel (Disrupt Education YouTube Channel) is also a mentor to me as I am to him.  He is learning so much about the YouTube and Podcasting world.  I seek his advice a lot.  My channel is getting better and growing because of his insights and direction.  We feed off of each other and create.  It is an amazing thing to watch.

I am working with another entrepreneur who is creating an app for entrepreneurs.  We are trying new things in the co-workspace world.  He is mentoring me through the process of learning about what types of spaces are out there.  We are creating a speaker series that will help young entrepreneurs understand better ways to move their ideas into realities.  He is mentoring me on the ways of the younger generation and how some big thinkers think at a younger age.

As a teacher, change maker, and disruptor of education, I look for opportunity to listen and learn from many people I consider mentors.  There are a few simple traits I look for in my mentors…

  1. Truthful - They are people who are not afraid to tell you the truth even if it is not what you want to hear.  They keep you grounded.
  2. Present - They respond to your requests when you need them.  They are there when you need them.
  3. Listener - They listen to you before they give their advice.  In conversations, there is little interruption.  Full statements or clarification in conversation is a priority.
  4. Teach - They have something to give.  They allow you to learn from them and give you tricks of their trade.
  5. Motivate - While being honest, they will keep you going.  Every time you work with a mentor, you should walk away energized to do more and better things.

This blog could go into several pages of people who I consider mentors.  They are everywhere if you know what to look for.  I am a mentor to many of these professionals.  I am also a mentee of them as well.  Some of them may not realize it but I am learning as much as they are.  So it doesn't matter who you are, make sure you find people with these traits to help mentor you on your journey.  Trust me, it helps so much!


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