Teach your students a different approach to substitute teachers.

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April 5, 2018
Peter Hostrawser

As simple question to their substitute teacher can change a students life.  I found this out by accident when one of our substitute teachers tapped me on the shoulder one day.  He told me he was subbing in the building and wanted to talk to me about something. I said sure and asked him about himself.  The rest is history…. Ok I’ll elaborate.

The sub told me about the programs he created in corporate america for major business.  I was skeptical at first but the more he spoke about his background, I realized that this guy isn’t messing around.  He had created mentorship programs and was currently running a mentorship academy. We are now working together to be one of the first high schools in the nation to have students certified as Professional Scrum Master - 1 agile leaders.

I started asking other substitutes about themselves as well.  The business and life experiences are truly amazing. The different business skills and areas are abound.  I teach business classes in high school and every time I miss a day, I will urge my students to talk to the subs.  Ask them business questions. Seek knowledge from them.

I am not so dim to know what students think of substitute teachers.  Key and Peele took care of that is their famous skit.  The stereotype is that the cat is away and the mice can play… and the sub gets no respect.  It happens all the time. I get reports back that a kid did this or that in class that was disrespectful.  Until I let them know who the sub is and what experiences they have had related to business and life, the students usually stop being disrespectful.

Less than a handful have the guts to ask business questions to subs.

I am aiming to change that.


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