📚 Embrace the Messy and Beautiful Learning Journeys!

Written on
June 30, 2023
Peter Hostrawser

Just today, I stumbled upon a graduation picture of a previous guest on the Disrupt Education Podcast with a tagline "14 years later." What struck me was that this individual had left college because it lacked meaning for him. But his journey didn't stop there. Between the time we last connected and his recent post, he became a father, an artist, a musician, and a businessman. His story is a powerful reminder that learning journeys are anything but linear.

Learning is messy. It doesn't always follow a rhyme or reason. And here's the incredible thing: we have the opportunity to be part of someone's learning journey at any point. Not only do we get the chance to support and guide them, but we also learn so much in return.

As an educator, technology has played a crucial role in staying connected with previous students, whether directly or indirectly. Many of them are now teaching me about the world today! I've attached this opportunity to my work across various areas. I continue to teach at A.A. Stagg High School as a business and career teacher, while also helping individuals tell their stories through the digital platform spikeview.

Additionally, I write curriculum for education companies, produce podcasts that educate people about different industries, and consult with EdTech companies to provide an inside view of educational systems.Moreover, I have weekly and monthly calls with several former students, and I even do live sessions on LinkedIn with Derrick Griffin, my very first guest on the Disrupt Education Podcast years ago.

Life itself is a continuous journey of learning. Embrace what you are interested in and level up your involvement. For me, this has given the term "teacher" so much more meaning.

Let's celebrate the beauty of learning journeys and inspire each other to reach new heights of knowledge and growth.

Peter Hostrawser
Creator of Disrupt Education
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