Education Reform is Here

Written on
August 29, 2020
Peter Hostrawser

Education reform is here whether we like it or not. Reform has been coming for a long time. I think it is great for the end learner. It will be more effective, more efficient and much more cost effective.

Tech companies usually lead the way because they are already agile in their projects and have now become agile in their education of employees. Speak with any HR director of a major company and they will tell you that keeping a new hire for 3 years is a win. Youth are moving jobs in order to make more money to pay back huge loans. Companies and higher education have been at odds around the skill sets of graduates for decades. It was inevitable that companies started setting up their own educational systems to train their future employees.

I feel this is the beginning of a gigantic transition of higher education. More companies are going to follow Google’s path here. The high school diploma and standards to enter college are changing as well. The GPA and test score is becoming obsolete. Industry wants creative problem solvers and people who are adaptable to change. A high GPA and high test scores produce conformity.

I do not think the college degree is completely obsolete. I think there is a place for it. Youth still have an opportunity to grow and find their interests in those systems. It will still come at a huge cost and the ones who can afford it will continue to go. I also think until industry changes its hiring practices and removes the college degree (many already are) colleges will continue to be a funnel for hires.

I am super excited about this and always look for alternative routes. I have two kids who will be entering their next phases of education after high school in the next 5 years and this looks very promising to me and my checkbook as well!

Peter Hostrawser
Creator of Disrupt Education
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