Breaking the Unbreakable Window

Written on
November 24, 2019
Peter Hostrawser

This week the video of the newest Tesla Cybertruck with “unbreakable” glass being broken went viral.  You can check out the video HERE.   I couldn’t wait to hear what people on social media would say about this failure.  I was not surprised as the memes and snarky comments started.  The haters came out in droves. 

I actually saw the “mishap” a huge opportunity for people to see failure is not final front and center.    A failure that one of the most innovative companies in the world showcased on stage.  A failure in front of millions of viewers.  Yes.  You read that correct.  

It was a great thing that failure happened on stage.  

We have all heard the naysayers talk about “why didn’t Tesla do this or that?”  “They looked like idiots!”  “What a joke.”  The news headlines read “Horribly wrong!!” all over the place.  I love these remarks because it reveals who people really are.  Those doubters and jokers fear failure.  And that is too bad.  

Tesla’s windows failed.  That’s it.  Now they are going to look at the failure and learn from it.  Then they are going to make a better product.  If you actually see the reactions on stage after the windows break, both the person throwing the metal ball and Elon Musk are smiling and even joking around a bit.  This is because innovators like Musk know that this is not a “Horrible” event as the common person would think.  He knows there is learning to gain from it.  And that is why he is okay with the failure.  He knows the haters aren’t going to stop him from creating the most innovative truck to hit the market.  He knows this is a simple blocker that he and his team will figure out.  The common person… well they just see embarrassment and will continue to seek the approval of their peers and not focus on their own learning moments. 

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