6 Traits You Need That Will Result In Success

Written on
November 12, 2017
Peter Hostrawser

Here’s what future employers, venture capitalists, and customers for entrepreneurs look for…and none of them require a college degree.

1.You can get things done. You are able to start a task and finish. You have the self discipline to look at something, identify the problems, and do something about it.

2. You have experience. You have found opportunities to gain experience in everything you seek out. No matter your age or education level, you are able to find people, subjects, and things to do that will gain you some experience in your craft.

3. You are curious. You have a keen sense of finding observing things and asking why. You are interested in how things work and the history behind it.

4. You have the ability to work with others in diverse environments. You know how to disagree with people and still accomplish a goal together. You are able to put your differences aside and empathize with others.

5. You are open to new ideas. Status quo sucks in your mind. You are not afraid to experiment with new ideas that could make processes, products, or services better for everyone.

6. You have a commitment to continuous learning. You are humble enough to know you don’t know everything yet you remain driven to learn more every day.​

So the question is… how do we fix school to teach these six items? I’m sure these six items are not all measurable by test scores and grades or even a college degree. #disrupteducation

Peter Hostrawser
Creator of Disrupt Education
My value is to help you show your value. #Blogger | #KeynoteSpeaker | #Teacher | #Designthinker | #disrupteducation
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