3 Things To Do To Help Your Teen Understand Their Skills and Interests.

Written on
July 21, 2023
Peter Hostrawser

At the age of 18, not everyone can pinpoint their career path or college major. What's crucial, though, is understanding one's skills and interests, which can pave the way for a successful learning journey. As parents, we have the responsibility to guide and support our children as they embark on this critical phase after high school - what I like to call the "sandbox" of learning.

The traditional linear path to a 2 or 4-year college is no longer the only option. Today, there are countless choices for exploring and honing skills before making significant commitments. My son's journey taught us valuable lessons on how to empower students during this critical phase.

1. Encourage Exploration: Rather than pushing our son into the GPA rat race, we encouraged him to explore as many electives as possible in high school. This allowed him to discover his interests in marketing, cooking, auto tech, and more. Avoiding the class rank game helped him focus on curiosity and genuine interest.

2️. Open Conversations: Simple dinner conversations became a powerful tool for understanding his likes and dislikes. Talking regularly about his interests allowed him to evolve and refine his passions throughout his high school years.

3. Digital Portfolio: We helped him create an online digital portfolio using spikeview, where he logged his experiences and learning moments in and out of the classroom. This empowered him to document his journey and showcase his accomplishments on his terms.

As he ventures into post-secondary education, my son has a firm grasp on his skillsets and knows what truly ignites his passion. Thanks to these steps, he is clear on his career preferences and has a solid foundation for making informed decisions.

Let's remember that each student's journey is unique. By nurturing their interests and fostering open dialogues, we can guide them towards a fulfilling and purpose-driven future. Together, let's transform the sandbox into a springboard for success

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